Pobar Pobar

These images portray the primary construction of Pobar Pobar, a dilapidated-brutalist representation of an imaginary city. At this time the city takes up 3 x 2 ft, and will continue to develop into a larger metropolis until late 2018. The forms will maintain the dilapidated brutalist aesthetic seen below, while growing in size.

The history will be explored through geological diagrams, info sheets, local music, and potentially local food. The idea is to paint a complete picture of the culture and life in this city.


In the past I have worked on many projects that work to create media based on the imaginary historical context of the planet Heo. Currently, all of my projects have focused on the country of Sizhan in Heo. This would be the first exploration into the history of Fuvpetz. As Fuvpetz is a neighboring country their histories would play off of eachother, and inform the same long term resolve.


The cities history is routed in its relationship with a deeply embedded subterranean charcoal called “Ober”, originally used exclusively for burial rights, and now used to power a variety of mechanical structures across the world. “Ober” is also used for the sexually tabood act of “Pip”.

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