Pinea Residency • Mistranslations

During a 2 month residency at Pinea – Linea de la Costa Duncan Figurski developed 16 paintings that were used to create an abstract animated narrative with video. By utilizing shapes harvested from the region, the artist was capable of creating a storyline reflecting much of the local history over the last few hundred years. This film was finished in late 2018.

Sound is an important component of this film, so please use headphones or appropriate speakers.

These 16 pieces exist as 4 paintings that are reflected at different points in time. In order to appreciate the context of each piece please consult the animation.

Data Receiving Zine – Secret Video – Duncan Figurski

In order to try and gain an informed idea of the areas that he was filming Duncan created an interactive zine with a secret animation attached to explain his work, and incentivize people to help him. Here is that animation.