Scanline Animations 3, Mixed Media, 2019 The process starts with a brutally primitive animation technique where I scan something a gazillion times. Because I have a roll through scanner I can push and pull on the paintings in a very specific way, and that’s what I try to replicate 100s of times in one ofContinue reading

Repetition  in Error, Mixed Media, 2019 Conveyors go by and show the same shape drawn over and over again. The exploration into repetitions is somewhat like trying to represent an atom through different orbitals. The structure of this abstract shape shines through more and more with each compounded failure, a devaluation of a new alternativeContinue reading

Scanline Key 2, Mixed Media, 2019 This is my take on the Madonna and Child. On the left is The Madonna and Child (The Litta Madonna), by Leonardo da Vinci, and on the right is a scanline painting with the same graphic intent.

Scan-Line Key 1, Mixed Media, 2019 This collection is a process-driven motif that started with the small long canvas on the bottom right. This piece of looseleaf canvas was scanned and manipulated through a pull-through scanner. The result of which was then printed (center image). Finally, this shape was deconstructed while maintaining the same colorContinue reading

The rotating canvases I have been working on aim to disassemble the format of the traditional canvas while also moving toward creating practical meditation devices that can be used at home.  I have created many of these pieces, some exist more as prototypes and experiments, while others function as time pieces.  Most wellness pieces IContinue reading