Machine Learning – sorting the abstract (work in progress)

In first explorations into machine learning, I set out to create a sorting machine that would use AI to identify different objects and sort them. As this project moves on I wish to move into more abstract territory, building datasets from different disparate “feelings” and trying to use these to sort more sentimental pieces ofContinue reading “Machine Learning – sorting the abstract (work in progress)”

Soft Commodification (ongoing series)

This series explore the interplay between product and art, specifically the way in which passive commercial aesthetics such as subway posters, sketchers advertisements, or candy wrappers contribute to the feedback loop of contemporary art. The intention is to match these passive loud tones in abstract tones which can be digested in the same way.

Scanline Animations 3, Mixed Media, 2019 The process starts with a brutally primitive animation technique where I scan something a gazillion times. Because I have a roll through scanner I can push and pull on the paintings in a very specific way, and that’s what I try to replicate 100s of times in one ofContinue reading