Advertisements. Reinforcing the Funny.

The rest of the images are a few of the many advertisements and humor segments that would have occurred in the book. Reinforcing the idea that while there may be no “universal meaning” to this world that we are the ones that get to decide what is important to us. It is a choice to laugh in the face of pain and relinquish the burden of taking care of it. Many of them were not included because they were too contextual, and would have only been found funny within a limited time frame, to specific individuals.batman_tesla-1hummus-guy-1brimepel-1

The text above reads:

Brimepel, We’ve been with you through the carson era, powdered milk, and bellbottom jeans. Brimepel has always been a trusted household name that is the only blockade between the bliss of reality, and the horrifying void of nothingness that awaits us in the hereafter. Until that day comes we’ve relied on consumers like you to keep us on top where we belong. That’s why we pedal you the most premium of devices on the regular to distract you from the imminent demise of existence as we know it. Brimepel is proud to announce the newest recruit in the SuperPrint Family, with the SuperPrint Maximum 8,000. It’s sleek, sexy, shiny, bright, and wonderful. But most importantly it will will distract you from the ever consuming reality that you will die alone and afraid. You might never find love, but “who needs love when you’ve got work to do”. 

In vein with this exists a pop song that I wrote near the same time of making these comics.

These remaining two images were advertisements relating back to health and food. The text has been lost.