This website exists as a large interweaving narrative, specifically exploring the lives of Elan Amen Taro, Discount Plus, and Duncan Figurski.

If you have any questions please contact me at duncan@fuzzyfaucetgod.com


refers to an inter-dimensional demon that feeds off of pain, and was given this name to diminish it’s power: who could be afraid of something named “Fuzzy”. Fuzzy works by whispering the vulgar violence of this universe into ones ear, thus creating an environment of hostility for it to thrive. Fuzzy represents the temptation of mania, and egocentric chaos. Fuzzy is defeated by love, and fed by anger and hate. Fuzzy was discovered by Elan Amen Taro.


refers to Duncan’s bathtub faucet, who he would talk to at great length when he needed council, a friend or a confidant. The projected answers would generally consist of rational, hard truths, however they were entirely reflective of his mindset and give the wrong pretense could devolve into utterances of Fuzzy spoken through the pipes. In times off stress and indecision he would often take extremely long hot baths and attempt to meditate, and address mental problems with Faucet. When he needed guidance throughout the day Duncan began to draw the rudimentary symbol on his hand, so that he could always face his conscious. This is a hobby that Duncan shared with Elan Amen Taro, a connecting point within the narrative, much like the map.


refers to the great unknown. It is beyond the scope of either of these characters, yet encompasses them both. Through a better understanding of both of Fuzzy and Faucet Elan, and Duncan have found a better connection to a the intangible world. Most of the artwork here is centered around this journey, the title of this website encompasses the universe where all of these characters exist, while evoking a sensation of balance and enormity.