Fireplace 409

Hidden Currencies

Hecatombe Magazine

I have worked to develop the aesthetic and style guide of a variety of different brands. Below are a few examples of social media campaigns I have implemented in the past, accompanied by descriptions of which techniques I used to achieve the desired results. The following video highlights a variety of reels, motion graphics and animations for instagram.

Below are examples of AI generated clothing used as an editorial piece for Fireplace 409, for more examples of graphic implementations of this campaign please see the Graphic Design Page.

Below is an example of a runway Video I directed, scored, and edited for Fireplace 409. By developing a unique tonal and graphic style audiences would learn to identify the brand on a multi-sensory level, making it easily recognizable across many mediums.

I can develop comprehensive style guides and press packets for brands to follow so that they can implement consistent design changes over the course of their companies growth.

Published by fuzzyfaucetgod

New York based artist exploring immersive world building through a multimedia approach.