I wanted everything to seem as feminine and light as possible. A lot of my interest in the subject of a burger came from the Carol J. Adams Book “Burger”, which dissected the symbolism of the burger in American culture through a feminist lens. One o the core themes of the reading is how the burger is both a masculine symbol yet becomes sexualized to be devoured in a sexual parallel to the rest of the culture. The idea of a burger as being an “anti – American” symbol becomes as ludicrous as the attempt to gender a ground piece of meat. In the world of toys there is a pervasive attempt to assign gender and market. In searching for things that could be juxtaposed these themes seemed loud, and I tried to follow them to their logical conclusion. As a result the feminine “cute” burger toys are incased by intense explosions and rhetoric in the commercial. The same ludicrous dichotomy is explored and regurgitated in flashy 90s style sound-bytes.

Here are some still from the commercial followed by the commercial Link.

Published by fuzzyfaucetgod

New York based artist exploring immersive world building through a multimedia approach.