To Buy Raffle Ticket Venmo 20$ to @Dunkfig
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“Hands Never Die.
They Just Rest.”
                         – Anonymous
I’m coming to you with some exciting News. I am currently holding a Geo-Spatial art raffle, which also opens the door for the second Competition of Hands. I realize this is probably somewhat confusing to some of you, so I’ll lay down the process step by step.
1. You purchase a 20$ Raffle ticket over Venmo (@dunkfig)
Include your email and address in the description.
2. You will receive a hand delivery between August 25th and 28th
3. Everyone who purchases a Raffle ticket will receive
an original artwork, along with zines, maps, stickers and loot.
(pieces range from high end gallery pieces to sketches)
4. All those who purchase a raffle ticket are put into the lottery
to be a contestant in the next competition of hands.
THE COMPETITION OF HANDS: Initially a contact tournament of hands based games and trials, the competition has shifted to a virtual / distanced  lense. The grand prize is mysterious, the musical guests and performances are numerous. The exact date of the next competition is an enigma. It will creep up on you when you least expect it, and then you will face the gamut of the underground.
Hands Never Die.
Cut off for the raffle is midnight on the 23rd.
Deliveries are limited to BK, Manhattan (Below 14th street)
and Reasonable areas of Queens. There is one bike messenger
and that messenger is me.
I’ll Be posting pieces that will be raffled off all week
check my instagram to see what you could win. (@dunkfig)

Duncan Figurski

Published by fuzzyfaucetgod

New York based artist exploring immersive world building through a multimedia approach.