Daily Motion Key(s)

Daily Motion Keys, 2019, Mixed Media, 3ft x 3ft

Daily Motion Key, Mixed Media, 2019

Daily Motion Keys is a highlight of a variety of morning ritual pieces. These pieces are the first thing that I do when I enter the studio, I can only work on them for a maximum of 30 minutes, and they each consist of a repetition of simple abstract shapes. Ideally, I can not visually reference one shape to the next in drawing it. Once all shapes are created new patterns can be isolated and emerge over their new grids. For some exercises, one mark is added continuously to each box in sequence, and so as opposed to trying to replicate the shape, I am trying to replicate the mark.

Below are a select few examples of some of the results of these morning repetitions.




Whitagram-Image (1)

Whitagram-Image (2)


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