Scan-Line Key 1, 2019, Mixed Media, 5ftx3ft,

Scan-Line Key 1, Mixed Media, 2019

This collection is a process-driven motif that started with the small long canvas on the bottom right. This piece of looseleaf canvas was scanned and manipulated through a pull-through scanner. The result of which was then printed (center image). Finally, this shape was deconstructed while maintaining the same color palette in the painting in the upper right corner.

Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 10.44.39 AM

It is my hope that by aiming to maintain key elements of this abstract shape into each translation I would be able to develop more clarity into the nature of its abstraction. This process is quasi nonsensical, allowing each development to stray far while being tether by color, or composition.

DSCF7249Deconstructions One, Two, and Three, Mixed Media, 2019




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