The rotating canvases I have been working on aim to disassemble the format of the traditional canvas while also moving toward creating practical meditation devices that can be used at home. 

I have created many of these pieces, some exist more as prototypes and experiments, while others function as time pieces. 

Most wellness pieces I create are aimed at developing tools for my own bipolar disorder and are then adapted for larger audiences, such as the Hypnosis Tapes I have continued to develop since 2015

Below is a documentary video highlighting some of these conveyors in their natural habitats. 

During my time as a graduate student in ITP I started to refine these rotating canvases (and continue to do so) below are some of my ideations for one of the rotating canvases which ended up existing more as a prototype in that it needed a base computer to operate. I was more concerned with experimenting for different applications within the conveyor for speech recognition and machine vision than trying to consolidate one function. I am in the process of developing this piece further as a component of my thesis.

The below machine felt much more alive than the others, it was a chatbot that also spoke to itself, ruminating and getting itself lost in circles of memory and logic. The more that it ruminated the more it would spin and play music. Written on it are numbers that correspond to abstract memories. It used machine vision to know if someone was in front of it, and could respond t

1st Draft Side B1 (cleaned)

1st Draft Side A1 (cleaned)

The device used machine vision to respond if it detected the presence of a human, and once started would often spin on its own steam for quite some time.

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