Invitation of Hands

Here is a full pdf so you can follow along on the decryption: click here .

This book object was created as a means of creating cross-communicative interactive art as a means of activating events. The entire text of this pamphlet was written in the Sizhanian alphabet. Those capable of decoding would activate a real-world ritualistic event based on a previous art event thrown in 2017.


This book alluded to much previous work and narrative presented by recent video works. Along with this, it highlighted the most recent painting series developed as a means for practical meditation tools.

The invitation also included a new Discount Plus EP included below. The abstract text of this work was highly indebted to the style and process developed at the Pinea Residency, and so that film was included as a key to understanding the book.

DSCF6472Page 6 (print)Page 2 (V2) copy

To request a copy of this book, please email me.  Thanks.

Published by fuzzyfaucetgod

New York based artist exploring immersive world building through a multimedia approach.