The Shrine of Reitac The Dead

Reitac is a religious figure on the planet Heo, who hails from the country of Sizhan. You can learn more of his history, and the implications of his death here. Reitac hails from the same world as as Discount Plus.

Through his consistent engagement with Discount Plus, Duncan Figurski has tethered the alien being to his soul. With much nagging from the part of Discount, Duncan was persuaded to create a shrine to honor the martyred, Jesus Christ like figure of Reitac.

Reitac lives in the belly of the sleeping giant. He is depicted here being sacrificed by his father, and having the first muscle fruit grow from his rib cage. In Sizhanian fashion individuals who came and interacted with the shrine were given a measure of their spiritual engagement in the form of a receipt. The receipt was given by the shrine attendant, Duncan Figurski, and ranged heavily depending on the level of spiritual interaction from the participant (images below).

Individuals were allowed to engage with the shrine in any way the wanted, some lighting incense, others stabbing areas with the mock sacrificial sword, and others eating from the rotting fruit on the ground.

The creation of this shrine is a religious act, in that the shrine is intended to be memorized and recreated much like a Hafiz memorizes and protects the Qur’aan. However, due to the fact that Discount Plus was never a religious man, and only has materials here on earth, the shrine is flawed.






Shrine Music – Music and instructions were blared from the shrine to give individuals directions and motivation to use it correctly.


Published by fuzzyfaucetgod

New York based artist exploring immersive world building through a multimedia approach.