Audio Submission Piece

On December 9th, at Live Stream // Fever Dream Duncan Figurski was able to exhibit the Audio Submission Piece. After signing an iron clad liability waiver that added drama and bureaucracy to the piece, individuals were blind-folded, had their legs and arms strapped into the chair by doctors, and had the device placed on their heads. One by one audio channels would be activated until the three channels of audio, panning between the 6 speakers inside, created a space of numbing static. Source materials ranging from Cartoons, to Donald Trumps Inauguration speech worked to question our nature of submission to the current media within our sphere, and move audience members to a place where the nonsensical static was incomprehensible and inoffensive.


Dunko Stocks.jpg

Below are the three separate audio channels that would run parallel to each other as an individual was strapped into the chair.

Published by fuzzyfaucetgod

New York based artist exploring immersive world building through a multimedia approach.

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