Cryptic Humorism & Elan Amen Taro

This series of drawings was designated for a book entitled:

The Guide to Cryptic Humorism

The book follows the narrative of Elan Amen Taro, an anagram which I invite you to decipher. Through following Elan you are invited into the philosophy of Cryptic Humorism, a belief that essentially the entire universe is a beautiful and endlessly complex joke. The only one capable of understanding such a joke is the creator. Each of us independently exist as elements of the joke, some tragic and others amusing. Without each and every one of us the joke would cease to be complete.

Each of the following drawings exist as a portal to a segment of the narrative and the philosophy. The story exists as a thread stories and journal entries that jump back and forth in time throughout Elan’s Life.

To begin the story click on the first chapter below, or scroll down to explore the gallery.

All drawings are available as prints – please contact

The Mushfarmer-1

The EcoSpherecropped-eco-sphere-1-11.jpeg


Life in the Big Citycity-baby-1


Not Fuzzydevil-1


Floating in Endless Watersdreaming-god-1

God of Qualiagod-of-qualia

Meet me at the Gatesmeditational-currency-1

Advertisements. Reinforcing the Funny.hummus-guy-1batman_tesla-1brimepel-1


Published by fuzzyfaucetgod

New York based artist exploring immersive world building through a multimedia approach.