Who is Discount Plus?

Who is Discount Plus?

Discount Plus is not a homogeneous character, his archetype is one of a gentle and curious warrior, which can be experienced differently depending on the viewer.

I suggest exploring the priming materials before engaging with the self hypnosis tapes as to better get a sense of who Discount Plus truly is. The Priming Materials range from the Music of Discount Plus, Public Service announcements from his country, and the history of his people.


Public Service Announcements – The Propaganda of Sizhan

This video is a Public Service Announcement from the government of Sizhan, which, for many years used The Celebrity status of Discount Plus as a manipulation point for the populace. Currently Discount Plus has been exiled by the Government of Sizhan, and had to flee his home planet, but this video exists as a good indication of the impact that Discount Plus has had on the culture of his planet.

This is a segment of video taken from the morning propaganda circuit in Sizhan. The national anthem is played under the flag and the phrase “Submission and Sacrifice bind us to our destinies” pops up onto the screen. Later elements visually show surrounding climate, and news from surrounding countries. Citizens were directed to meditate under this tome and direct their energy towards completion of the demand. Quick video clips such as this featuring the national anthem and flag would appear multiple times a day. The office of “Positive Design”, in charge of propaganda worked tirelessly to have the public immediately associate these primes with fear and obedience.

The Music of Discount Plus – Velvet Casket A

This was the first industrially produced EP by Discount Plus. During this point of his career Discount was still readily wearing his vocal suppressor. It was this album that really gave Discount’s career traction in Sizhan, and general popularity across all of Heo. There were many that criticized this album of being so “pro country that it was actually a satire”, something that Discount himself would later come to admit. Many of these noises are still used in national past times today, despite the fact that Discount has long since betrayed his country.

The History of Sizhan (Native Country of Discount Plus)

Explore the History of Sizhan, from ancient times to modern day. This rich history unpacks many of the reasons Discount fled his home world, and specifically investigates the cultural impact that Discount Plus had on his country, and on his Planet (Heo).

Jungle Decision Hypnosis – Discount Plus

This Tape puts Discount Plus at the heart of conflict, as well as in a position where he must face death. This meditation is a good tool as that to face the presented situation one must attempt to embody the behavior of Discount Plus.

Self Hypnotism (final draft) – Discount Plus – Elan Amen Taro – Duncan Figurski

This hypnosis was initially used to help Duncan Figurski try and embody the mindset of both Discount Plus, as well as Elan Amen Taro. This was used nightly as a way to emphasize his self identity, and to further engage with both of the characters.

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