Guided Meditations & Hypnosis (The Propaganda Tapes)

These recordings got the name the Propaganda Tapes as a result of my utter fixation with brainwashing and mental manipulation. The idea was to use the techniques that were often explored by ruthless totalitarians to enact change within my own life. Many of my pieces I have worked on evoke some form of ritual so that they can be deeply processed in my mind, and affectively change me as a person. If a piece does not thoroughly change me while I am working on it, it feels shallow.

Recently I have worked towards using these guided meditations to take on the characteristics of certain archetypes that I have uncovered in my artwork.

These pieces evolved dramatically over the course of the last few years. They were often put on my phone and wired under the “alarm” setting so that these instructions may appear as the first thing that I would hear in the morning.

I encourage you to explore these guided meditations and try to apply them to your own life.

For best results please use headphones and find a quiet space when listening to these tapes.

Morning Ritual

This was the first attempt at creating something in line with the Propaganda Tapes. This morning routine was supposed to embody a perfect morning, stimulating me mentally, physically, and spiritually. The piece is roughly 30 minutes long and was part of my morning routine for a brief period of time, I eventually found it difficult to follow instructions spoken by my own voice. To remedy this I introduced an automated voice in the next hypnosis.

Self Hypnotism (1st draft,  second version more practical for meditation)

This piece marks when I started to explore how to introduce characters and their behavior into my subconscious. I began to put this recording under my pillow and play this recording as I fell asleep. The words are identical to the following meditation however the automated voice I used was awkward, disjointed, and often mis-processed the words. The cadence to the speech did not allow for the ideas to be processed, but this piece is a good stepping stone into the evolution of these tapes.

Self Hypnotism (final draft)

This version utilized a better automated voice, and sounds of myself breathing in rhythm with the song. There are more synthesizers that have been added as well as samples of ocean noises towards the end. I found this tape thoroughly allowed me to take on some of the characteristics of both Elan Amen Taro and Discount Plus. To ensure that I would not fade too much into either of the characters I made the last Identity I was to embody my own.

Drowning Meditation

The Self Hypnotism Tape seemed as if it was beginning to work. I now wanted something that could manipulate, and reaffirm my identity at any point throughout the day. I chose to relive a moment from my past which would evoke a sense of fear, and promote cognitive dissonance in my decision to live. This meditation is hyper personal to my own experience, and has been combined and refined with the experiences of Elan Amen Taro. It became very successful for me, I was able to uplift my spirit at any point throughout the day.

Discount Jungle Hypnosis

As I started investigating more and more about the life and times of Discount Plus I realized that I needed to try and face decisions as this character. What would discount plus do if he was faced with a perilous ultimatum. The idea was that making a decision as Discount would help to explore the depths of his character that I was unaware of. Join me in becoming Discount Plus.

Breakfast Meditation

This was my last attempt at developing a morning routine that went in line with the current manipulations that I was creating for myself. The beat it is a bit more mantric than some of the more abstract noise that was utilize in the precursors. I believe that this is ambiguous enough to be applied to most individuals.

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